Rise in tennis enthusiasm sweeps country

Rise in tennis enthusiasm sweeps country

Rise in tennis enthusiasm sweeps country

Tennis has begun to emerge as a game embraced and followed by broad segments of the population in Türkiye, leading to an increase in tennis facilities, the head of the Turkish Tennis Federation has said.

"Türkiye is witnessing the emergence of a rapidly growing tennis community. There is tremendous interest. No matter how many facilities we build, it's becoming insufficient," Cengiz Durmuş said during a large-scale tennis event in the southern province of Antalya on May 8.

Tennis was predominantly played only by a certain group of people until five years ago, Durmuş said, stressing that both his federation and the Youth and Sports Ministry have been striving to broaden the appeal of various sports, including tennis.

He highlighted that tennis is now becoming a fundamental activity among children not only in major cities but also in many towns and districts across the country.

Durmuş also mentioned receiving requests for court and coaching services from numerous local authorities.

Commenting on the increasing number of international tennis events in Türkiye, the federation president remarked that the situation brings multifaceted benefits.

Providing information on the Wheelchair Tennis World Team Championships held from May 7 to 12, Durmuş mentioned the participation of 44 teams from 21 countries.

"With events like this, we showcase the beauty of our country, its splendid locations and its hospitality, reflecting the strength, sympathy and values of our nation."

These events encompass sporting success, promoting the country, tourism sponsorship and enabling the Turkish athletes and federation to achieve their goals financially without excessive expenditure, he said.

"We have established a superb facility in Ankara, meeting world standards, capable of hosting two top-level tournaments concurrently. These centers are places where children from every village in Türkiye can feel good about themselves and feel at home."

Durmuş also stresses the increasing success of Turkish professional tennis players in returning from international tournaments with greater achievements.

While football, basketball and volleyball traditionally dominate as the most watched and played sports in the country, tennis and golf are gradually gaining interest.

Similarly, 60,000 rounds were played on golf courses in the Belek tourism region of Antalya's Serik district in 2023, a general manager of the golf club, has emphasized that golf is a tool that extends tourism to 12 months, considering that players are active for eight months.

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